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Intensive Introductory Carpentry and Woodworking (September 10-October 19)


Intensive Introductory Carpentry and Woodworking (September 10-October 19)


This 6-week intensive will run Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm, September 10-October 19, 2018.

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This six-week intensive is offered in cooperation with Vermont Woodworking School. All classes are held at the The South End Joinery, ReSOURCE’s wood shop on Pine Street in Burlington, Vermont. This program is designed to equip individuals with the skills necessary for entry level carpentry, cabinet-making, and woodworking, jobs.

Students will learn in the shop from Monday through from Friday 9 am to 4 pm. Each student will be equipped with all the necessary tools of the trade, will have their own bench space to work, and will learn to work collaboratively with others accomplishing challenging projects. During this six week intensive, students will learn:

Students will learn the basics of carpentry by building a large, wood frame shed. Students will learn how to properly and safely use carpentry power and hand tools; proper carpentry vocabulary and job-site rules; process of building a house starting with building a floor, framing up walls, windows, doors, and roof, and finishing with sheathing the structure and installing the roof. Students will also receive foundational training in building science and home weatherization.


Students will receive an introduction to cabinet-making by cooperatively building a small kitchen. Students will learn about kitchen assembly and layout; the types of cabinet construction options; different types of sheet goods available and how to source them; building the cabinet; building the face frame; door construction; installing doors and shelving; hardware sourcing and options; and kitchen installation.


Introductory Fine Woodworking
Students will receive an introduction to fine woodworking while building a small piece of furniture, a hall table, and learning fine hand joinery techniques. Students will learn about sourcing properly-dried, rough-sawn, hardwood lumber, wood movement, dimensioning and milling wood into furniture-parts and the importance of precision; tapered legs and bevel table-tops, routered edges and profiles; furniture-assembly and the importance of square; sanding and finishing. Students will also learn to cut joinery by hand and with the assistance of woodworking machines. Students will assemble several projects including picture frames and wooden boxes.


Instructor: TBD

Cost: $3,200 (includes materials) & some financial aid is available. Vermonters may be eligible for a VSAC Non-Degree Grant


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