A Nonprofit Community Enterprise

Our Amazing Team

Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. The South End Joinery staff are trainers from Vermont Woodworking School and ReSOURCE YouthBuild.


Terre Morrison

Fundamentals Fine Woodworking Instructor

After retiring from a 20+ year career in aviation, Terre stepped up to the next challenge by pursuing her life-long dream of woodworking. Terre graduated from the first class of the Vermont Woodworking School Immersion Program and now teaches the first semester of the Immersion Program, introducing students to fundamental woodworking and furniture-making skills and techniques. Terre is a thorough, supportive and patient instructor who moves mountains for students.

Jacob Mushlin

Carpentry Instructor

Jacob is a builder, designer, and teacher. After studying art and architecture he entered the trades as a laborer and steadily grew his experience and scope in various specialties, including historic restoration, high performance residential home design and construction, and community-centric public interest projects. He teaches with various universities and alternative education programs and owns Measure Twice Design. Jacob’s teaching approach creates opportunities to succeed for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Amy Judd

Carpentry Instructor

Amy Judd, after completing studies at the University of Vermont, found her passion for carpentry by taking a class at Vermont Works for Women. She ran her own business for six years, then co-founded Lewis Creek Company to build homes for clients. Amy gets to combine her passion for community and teaching by offering workshops through Vermont Woodworking School and South End Joinery.

Danny St. John

Fine Woodworking Instructor

The Staff

Hannah Bush

Woodshop Coordinator

After completing her degrees in Studio Art and Art History, Hannah found a passion for the functional application of her skills. In 2013, she found her way to Vermont, where she began teaching carpentry and construction for ReSOURCE YouthBuild. Since then, she has continued her pursuit of hands-on education as an instructor with YouthBuild and The South End Joinery.

Andrew Jope

YouthBuild Director

Andrew has served as the Program Director at ReSOURCE YouthBuild since 2005. During his time at ReSOURCE YouthBuild, the program has grown to serve more young adults each year, expanded to operate out of both Burlington at Barre, and continued to shift trainee experiences to fit the job market. He has worked in experiential and technical education for the past 20 years as both a teacher and administrator. As an AmeriCorps alumnus, Andrew has a passion for youth development through combining education and service.