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Opportunity born out of Challenge

After 24 years with ReSOURCE, helping to grow this organization from a small group around a picnic table to over 70 staff and four locations, my favorite part of my job is still meeting our trainees; they remind me exactly why I’ve dedicated my career to this organization – it’s them.

This year, I watched our trainees adapt to adversity and grow through unprecedented challenges. At the heart of it all we’ve focused on community building and taking care of each other’s well-being. Naturally, we’ve thought a lot about what this looks like in action; about how we can promote both the kindness toward others that’s felt lacking and connect real life skill building together to teach important social and emotional skills to our trainees. Random Acts of Carpentry will do just that.

While there is great need for affordable housing work and construction projects, not everyone can afford these services. ReSOURCE’s Random Acts of Carpentry will not only raise critical funds to support this work, but our students are proud to volunteer their time and build their skills to meet community needs for those who are most vulnerable and more isolated than ever.

Random Acts of Carpentry can be as simple as stacking firewood for a neighbor or honing advanced carpentry skills, weatherizing windows and doorways, building a shed, or fixing an aging porch or stairs. No matter the project, it’s an act of kindness, and our trainees continue to build useful skills for everyday life while assisting Vermonters in need.

It is this giving spirit, this sense of community that motivates me and I want to share it with you, in the hopes that you too can see the potential born out of this challenge. Join me in doing just a little bit more to support those around you. Please make your gift before the end of the year if you can.

I have set a personal fundraising goal of $50,000 for this project and would love for friends, family, and classmates to join me to empower and protect the most vulnerable members of our community. Thank you.

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ReSOURCE Mission: Empowering individuals and strengthening Vermont communities through workforce development, poverty relief, and environmental stewardship


In 1991 in Burlington, Vermont, ReSOURCE began an innovative program of repairing and reselling household items that otherwise would have gone to the landfill. Out of that founding vision, ReSOURCE has expanded its services and programming to offer more opportunities to at risk-youth and low-income Vermonters in need each year.


In addition to providing goods and services at an affordable price, ReSOURCE has trained over 1,800 individuals through our Workforce Development and Work Experience Training programs and given these individuals a chance to learn valuable technical & professional skills and become gainfully employed.

Thank you for your support. Your generosity in helping me reach my personal goal will ensure that ReSOURCE can continue the essential work we do and help more Vermonters every year.

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