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Tom's 25th Anniversary Fundraising

Join me in building a better future for Vermonters in need and all of us

The Future is What We Make It

The last couple of years have been a period of reflection for many of us. It doesn’t feel that long ago that our staff meetings were held around a picnic table, but as we celebrated ReSOURCE’s 30-year anniversary and my own 25 years at the helm, I realize that the organization and my leadership have both evolved.

The pace of change is ever faster, and especially in recent memory, it has become harder to imagine what the coming years will bring. Some of the most pressing needs facing our global community are well within ReSOURCE’s scope to address. In 1991 ReCycle North opened a thrift store providing work experience for homeless individuals, now we place hundreds of people in employment each year in industries from construction to retail to administrative and environmental services all over the state with over 150 employer partners. We’ve opened four new facilities, taken on building materials that make up over 40% of the US waste stream, adopted and expanded the only two YouthBuild programs in the state of Vermont, running both successfully for more than a decade. We don’t just keep thousands of tons of material out of the landfill each year, we weatherize affordable housing, have installed solar, built a deconstruction crew that spun off into its own industry, and are still growing. But, we can’t do it alone. Climate change, joblessness, persistent poverty and the ever-widening gap between our wealthiest and most in need remain. I have seen progress in real time; over the last 30 years, ReSOURCE has, and will continue to, evolve.

If you’d asked me 25 years ago to describe where ReSOURCE would be today, I’m not sure I would have predicted the turns my work would take in serving ever-evolving community needs. I’m dedicated to improving our future. I’ve been working alongside many who share this same passion and dedication for the last 25 years.  We must embrace actionable, sustainable change that will lead to a better future. This is exactly what we ask of our trainees every day as they reshape their lives, working toward an often-distant goal. It is because of them, I’ve been shown time and again that when you believe in someone, they will rise to meet the challenge.

I believe, we can do more if we focus on where we agree; that all people should have opportunity to learn skills and become gainfully employed. It is our collective impact that will drive change and I hope you agree. Please make your gift before the end of the year if you can.

I have set a personal fundraising goal of $25,000 in celebration of 25 years and would love for friends and family past and present to join me in building a future that’s more sustainable for all of us. Thank you.

Current Donations 7% / $1,800 toward my goal of $25,000

ReSOURCE Mission: Empowering individuals and strengthening Vermont communities through workforce development, poverty relief, and environmental stewardship

In 1991 in Burlington, Vermont, ReSOURCE began an innovative program of repairing and reselling household items that otherwise would have gone to the landfill. Out of that founding vision, ReSOURCE has expanded its services and programming to offer more opportunities to at risk-youth and low-income Vermonters in need each year.

In addition to providing goods and services at an affordable price, ReSOURCE has trained over 1,800 individuals through our Workforce Development and Work Experience Training programs and given these individuals a chance to learn valuable technical & professional skills and become gainfully employed.

Thank you for your support. Your generosity in helping me reach my personal goal will ensure that ReSOURCE can continue the essential work we do and help more Vermonters every year.

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