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Remote Training Programs

Designed to prepare students with the skills needed in a work setting

6 weeks/15 hours per week

90 hours
of training



Office Administration



Identify your current skill level

Grow essential skills through projects designed to teach you the specific tools needed to perform basic office tasks. Create a portfolio of competencies showing your work experience

Basic Computer Skills

Internet Basics
Using Email
Windows 10

Essential Software Skills

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint

Using Technology in Daily Life

Social Media
Information Literacy
Career Search Skills
Your Digital Footprint
Phone Skills
Google Drive

Remote Customer Service Training


This course will provide you with a toolbox of skills to effectively and efficiently handle all types of customer interactions

Learn to successfully enter the customer service field with the knowledge and professionalism needed to be a key member of a team. Become proficient in the tech and social skills necessary to be successful in the Customer Service field


  • How to connect with customers
  • Awareness​
  • How to make people feel special
  • Skills for staying positive
  • Self knowledge
  • The science behind first impressions
  • The power of No

Basic Computer Skills Training

$500 per course
6-8 weeks
Learn essential laptop or d
esktop computer skills from the comfort of your home


  • PCs and Window 10
  • Word Documents
  • Email
  • The Internet
  • Zoom




























Remote Personal and Professional Training


Self-Knowledge and Goal Setting

  • Identifying personal strengths and challenges
  • Identifying SMART short/ long-term training goals
  • Jobs vs. Careers

Professional Presentation Workplace Culture

  • Body language
  • Professional vs. Casual conversations
  • Positive attitude
  • Introductions
  • Public Speaking

Workplace Communication

  • Giving clear instructions
  • Asking questions
  • Active listening
  • Email & phone etiquette
  • Phone Skills
  • Intent vs. impact
  • Networking

Time Management

Resume Building

Microsoft Certification Preparation

$1100 per course*

Microsoft Office Word

Teaches skills necessary to create, modify, enhance, and manage a wide variety of documents such as letters, forms, and newsletters

Microsoft Office Excel

Teaches the skills necessary to create and edit professional looking spreadsheets for a variety of purposes and situations

Microsoft Office Power Point

Teaches skills necessary to create and manage presentations using a variety of features, including enhancing slide shows with charts, automation, transitions, and audio and video media


Courses follow Microsoft Office Specialist standards and are for preparation for the certification exam. However, taking the course does not guarantee passing the exam. Learners are expected to:

Meet the Microsoft recommended minimum number of application interaction hours outside of class to in order to fully prepare for the exam
Take practice exams

*Courses do not include cost of exam

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Only available to Vermonters at this time

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