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Construction 101 and Weatherization 101 Workshops

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ReSOURCE’s construction training programs equip work-ready individuals with the skills necessary to enter the carpentry, construction and weatherization fields  

These six-week, workshop intensives, held at the South End Joinery, ReSOURCE’s woodshop on Pine Street in Burlington, provide
tool handling, safety techniques and technical knowledge for obtaining high-paying jobs in the construction trades  

Upcoming Intensives


A six week intensive program designed to equip you with the skills necessary for an entry-level job in the well-paid and growing field of weatherization and home energy efficiency

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A six-week intensive program designed to equip you with the skills and certifications necessary for an entry level job in the construction trades


Join the Green-Energy movement in the fast-growing, HIGH-WAGE field of home-energy efficiency as a WEATHERIZATION TECHNICIAN. 


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Weatherization Technicians perform a range of construction activities that help weatherize homes and make them more energy efficient. Duties include repairing windows, insulating ducts, and performing heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) work.  Experienced Weatherization Technicians may move on to perform energy audits and advise clients on energy conservation measures.  Help Vermonters save money and help our climate by saving energy.   

ReSOURCE’s Weatherization 101 is provided with the support of the Burlington Electric Department (BED), Vermont Gas Systems (VGS) and the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC).


Certification – Students will earn an OSHA-10 certificate for job site and construction safety – an essential certification for anyone entering the profession and one valued by employers.

Weatherization – Students will learn the principles of home-energy efficiency and building science. They will practice the weatherization techniques of air sealing, foam and cellulose application, proper ventilation, and moisture barrier setup. The curriculum follows the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Installer/Technician guidelines.

Carpentry & Construction – Students will learn how to properly and safely use carpentry power and hand tools; carpentry vocabulary and job-site rules; and residential construction-techniques. Students will also learn construction math, job site safety, materials handling, and construction drawings and blueprints.

Professional Development & Job Placement

Working together with ReSOURCE’s experienced employment counselor, students will: 

  • Develop a weatherization-specific resume,  

  • Build job-searching and job-retention skills, and  

  • Meet with local weatherization employers.   

For the final two weeks of the program, work-ready participantwill be placed in on-the-job work experiences with local employers that are looking to hire.  The Employment Counselor works individually with students to find a job placement that meets their needs. 


Weatherization 101 workshop is held at ReSOURCE Burlington’s South End Joinery workshop. 

  • Address: 339 Pine St, Burlington VT,  

  • Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm.  

Each student will be equipped with the necessary tools of the trade, will have their own bench space to work on, and will learn to work collaboratively with others accomplishing projects. Class time will be split between seminar-style training and hands-on building and weatherization projects. 


Chris Parsons -Weatherization & OSHA10 – Chris has been in the building trades for nearly 20 years as a carpenter in Vermont and Colorado.  While his background extends from rough framing to finish carpentry, he has spent the last 13 years focused on the nuances of improving the efficiency, comfort and health of homes in winter climates.  Through partnerships with local state and private organizations, Chris has trained countless future builders how to protect a home from the outside elements in order to maximize energy efficiency and comfort for the resident.  Chris holds certifications from the Building Performance Institute, along with being an authorized OSHA instructor.   

Pam Laser – Personal and Professional Development and Job Placement Pam has been working with and placing ReSOURCE trainees with area employers for over eight years.   She focuses on learning the interests and skills of each trainee and supporting them in connecting with employers who would be their best fit.   She is a trained Career Development Facilitator from the National Career Development Association.

DATESSeptember 13 – October 22,  MondayFriday,  9:00-4:00pm.

COST: Free.

STIPENDS – $300/week for qualifying students.

PREREQUISITES  (Required by the Weatherization industry) 

Weatherization 101 is open to students:  

  • Age 18 or over, 

  • Proficient in English conversation, 

  • Interested in working in the trades, and  

  • Ready and interested in working a full-time job in the trades, and  

  • Able to work a full-time, 40 hour, physically-demanding job.    

 Prior construction knowledge or experience is NOT required.    

COVID PRECAUTIONS – The program will follow all current COVID safety practices.   Those not vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus will be required to wear masks.   


NEXT STEPS – Complete an application! 



QUESTIONS? For more information and to apply, contact Pam Laser,  Lead Employment & Transition Coordinator,  plaser@resourcevt.org802.324.2091 

Start a new career in the high-demand, good-wage, construction trades
of carpentry, electrical, HVAC, pipe-fitting, plumbing, maintenance,
weatherization or site preparation by enrolling in Construction 101.

Upcoming Construction 101 sessions:
• Washington County – starts October 18, 2021

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Construction 101 prepares trainees for entry-level work in the construction trades.
Construction Laborers perform a range of construction activities on residential, commercial, new
and/or existing construction sites. Duties range from framing buildings, foundation and site
preparation, running wiring, building and apartment maintenance, to creating or installing metal
framing and ductwork.

ReSOURCE’s Construction 101 training program is provided with the support of
Vermont Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and the Community and Economic
Development Office (CEDO). Construction 101 trainees learn about the different trades and
receive the foundation knowledge and experience to enter the one that most interests them.


Carpentry & Construction – Students will learn and have hands-on experience with:

• The proper and safe use of hand and power tools.
• Common construction vocabulary and job-site rules.
• Useful residential and commercial construction-techniques.
• Construction math, jobsite safety, materials handling.
• How to read construction drawings and blueprints.

Each trainee has access to the necessary tools-of-the-trade and bench space to work with them.
Students practice being on a crew by working collaboratively with their fellow trainees. They
experience working on construction projects as they would on a real, construction, jobsite crew.
Class time is split between hands-on learning, building projects, and seminar-style training.

Certifications – Students earn certifications in:

• ReSOURCE Construction 101 Training
This training certificate is based on the National Center for Construction Education and
Research (NCCER) Core Competencies. Students gain skills in construction math &
drawings, material handling, blueprint reading, hand and power tool use, job-site safety,
jobsite communications, and construction employability skills.

• OSHA-10 Certificate in Job Site and Construction Safety
An essential certification for anyone entering the profession. Employers regard it highly.

Professional Development & Job Placement – Working together with ReSOURCE’s employment counselor, students will:

• Develop a professional, construction-oriented resume.

• Build job-searching and job-retention skills.

• Meet with hiring employers.

Work Experience and Job Placement – Work-ready trainees participate in on-the-job work experiences with local, hiring employers. The Employment Counselor works individually with students to identify a job placement that
meets their individual interests and needs.


A range of employer-partner companies have provided work experiences and hired Construction 101 graduates. These include:

  • SunCommon

  • Machia Construction

  • ESI Electrical

  • LWI Metalworks

  • Green Mountain Management

  • Polli Construction

  • PC Construction

  • Vermont Mechanical

  • Resourceful Renovators

  • Cathedral Square

  • New England Chimney Supply

  • Green Mountain Electric Supply

  • Yellow Dog Construction

  • Building Energy

  • Overhead Door/Integrated Building Products

  • CVOEO Weatherization


WASHINGTON COUNTY Construction 101:

  • Location:  Vermont Granite Museum,   7 Jones Brothers Way,  Barre, VT

  • Schedule: Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm.

  • Dates: October 18 – November 12, 2021. Work Experience: November 15-December 3

BURLINGTON Construction 101:

  • Location ReSOURCE Burlington’s South End Joinery workshop,  339 Pine St, Burlington VT,

  • Schedule: Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm.

  • Dates: February 2022

COST – FREE to qualifying Vermonters. For eligibility questions, contact Pam Laser, plaser@resourcevt.org, 802-324-2091.

STIPENDS – $300/week for qualifying students.

PREREQUISITES – Requirements of construction employers

Construction 101 is open to students:

  • Age 18 or over

  • Proficient in English conversation,

  • Interested in working in the trades

  • Ready and able to work a full-time, 40-hour, physically-demanding job

Prior construction knowledge or experience is NOT required.

COVID PRECAUTIONS – The program will follow all COVID safety practices. All training will employ the wearing of masks, safe distancing, and the cleaning of surfaces.

NEXT STEPS – Complete an application!


QUESTIONS?  Contact Pam Laser, Lead Employment and Transition Coordinator, plaser@resourcevt.org or 802-324-2091.

For more Information


 Pam Laser

Lead Employment and Transition Coordinator



About the South End Joinery

What is the South End Joinery?

The South End Joinery is a training woodshop featuring a skilled instructor base and a safe high-quality instructional wood shop. Based out of the ReSOURCE woodshop at 339 Pine Street, the South End Joinery, offering a variety of workshop intensives for the aspiring woodworker.