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The Graduates

YouthBuild’s G-Crew presented their Capstone projects on Thursday, and did a fantastic job encapsulating their year in the program and what they’ve learned.


Westen, Musa, Sean, and Autumn, all part of YouthBuild’s G-Crew, are nearing graduation from the program. Capstones are meant to demonstrate and apply the skills they’ve learned in the program in the past year, and educate their audience on a subject they’re passionate about. This round of capstones included in-depth presentations on Outer Space, courtesy of Westen; Secret Societies, courtesy of Autumn; Video Games and their addictive qualities, courtesy of Sean; and Shoe Culture and delving more into why people support different shoe brands, courtesy of Musa.


Each student then reflected on their process for completing the project and on their YouthBuild experiences as a whole. Each one attested that they’re coming out of it better than they came in, and a couple students commented on how the staff and their peers became family in the past year.


Congratulations to Autumn, Sean, Musa and Westen. We were lucky to have you!

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