A Nonprofit Community Enterprise

Essential Goods Program

Essential Goods on a mission to provide community resources needed to relieve poverty

We've awarded over $1.6 Million worth of goods to more than 14,000 low-income Vermonters. Our network of over 30 partner agencies throughout the state enables us to reach more Vermont families in need every year.

Applying for Vouchers

Are you in need of essential goods?

Vouchers for essential goods can be obtained from over 30 partner agencies across the state. Those agencies will help identify your immediate needs and issue vouchers to help meet those needs. Vouchers can be redeemed at any ReSOURCE retail location for essential goods. While we do not provide vouchers to nonprofit organizations, they are eligible for a 25% discount on all purchases.

Our Partner Agencies

Serving across Vermont

Our partners help us to provide $125,000 worth of goods to over 2,000 individuals/families in Chittenden, Lamoille, and Washington Counties, and the greater Vermont area.

Partner Agency List

Addison Community Action/ CVOEO
Agency of Human Services-Field service Burlington District
Age Well
Burlington Community Justice Center
Burlington Housing Authority   (Not accepting outside referrals)
Capstone Community Action
Central Vermont Council on Aging
Chittenden Community Action   (Not accepting outside referrals)
Chittenden County Treatment Court
Church of the Good Shepard
Clarina Howard Nichols Center
Committee on Temporary Shelter
Essex Community Justice Center
Good Samaritan Haven
Hope/ Retrowork
Howard Center for Human Services- School Services Program   (Not accepting  outside referrals)
Howard Center Developmental Service   (Not accepting outside referrals)
Howard Center -Human Services  Community Support Services only   (Not
accepting outside referrals)
Janet S. Munt Family Room
Joint Urban and Ministry Project
Lamoille Family Center
Lund Family Center
Milton Family Community Center
Pathways Vermont INC
Pathways VT-HUD RRH
Safe Harbor Health Centers of Burlington Homeless Healthcare Program
Spectrum Youth and Family Services   (Not accepting outside referrals)
Steps to End Domestic Violence
Vermont Foundation of Recovery
UVM Health Network Home Health & Hospice   (Not accepting outside
UVM Home Health& Hospice-Adult Home Health Department   (Not
accepting outside referrals)
U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Vermont   (Not accepting
outside referrals)
Vermont CARES
Winooski Community Justice Center

Apply for a Voucher

Vouchers for Essential Goods can be obtained from our listed partner agencies across the state.Those agencies will identify your needs and issue vouchers in the appropriate amounts.


To be matched with an Essential Goods Program Partner Agencies please call 211


Frequently Asked Questions

What are "Essential Goods"?

Essential Goods include most items available at our stores including: furniture, household goods, kitchenware, small and large appliances, even desktop computers.

What items can't be purchased with a voucher?

Vouchers cover the purchase of most items in ReSOURCE stores, but do not include any items purchased by ReSOURCE (light bulbs, local color paint, etc.), goods that are made by ReSOURCE staff/trainees (picnic tables, adirondack chairs, chicken coops, etc.), and laptop computers.

How do I use my voucher?

You’ve got a voucher! Now what? Vouchers can be redeemed at any ReSOURCE store with a valid photo ID. Vouchers cannot be transferred to anyone other than the person to whom they were issued. Vouchers are only valid within ReSOURCE’s fiscal year, so, if you receive your voucher in 2017, you must use your voucher in 2017. Still, you do not have to use your voucher all at once. The balance of the voucher will recorded following any purchase and remains available through the end of the year in which it was issued.

How do I get my purchases home?

ReSOURCE has a pick up & delivery service. Delivery of items can be paid for with a voucher. Note: this is in addition to the cost of the item already purchased with the voucher.  Delivery is even possible to cities outside of the store locations, but for a higher fee.

How to Help

Want to help support the Essential Goods Program?

Every donation of either goods or gifts can help support the Essential Goods Program. Most items we sell in our stores are considered “essential” and eligible for purchase with a voucher. When you donate these items, they can go directly to a family in need or their sale can help fund the poverty relief that this program provides. Your gifts can also be directed to benefit this program specifically or ReSOURCE’s poverty relief mission as a whole. Thank you.

Contact Us

Still have questions about the Essential Goods Program?

Danielle Dubois

Essential Goods Program Coordinator