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Donation Guidelines

When you donate goods to ReSOURCE you are supporting your local nonprofit provide job and life skills training to fellow Vermonters

Donating Goods?

Donate your quality used furniture, household items, and building materials today. All donations are tax-deductible as ReSOURCE is a registered 501(c)(3).

Your donations of gently used household goods and building materials help to keep usable goods out of the landfill while providing economic opportunities to Vermonters. In addition to providing goods and service at an affordable price to a wide demographic, ReSOURCE uses its stores to provide job and life skills training to displaced persons and at-risk youth.


We accept donations during our scheduled business hours, and ReSOURCE is happy to offer a Pick-Up Service for most household furniture and sizable building materials. Capacity and volume restrictions may apply on some donations.

Download our Donation Guidelines:

All items that meet Donation Guidelines are welcome
Below are a few examples of items needed especially at this time:

ReSOURCE Williston Store: clothing, beauty supplies, couches, dressers, shelves, chairs, clean mattresses/bed frames, electronics, hangers, large appliances

ReSOURCE Burlington: clothing, desks, rugs, mirrors, pots and pans, shelving units, cabinet sets, lumber, flooring, bricks and pavers, granite/stone for counter tops, double pane and double hung windows

Household Goods FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are sales in the store supporting?

All sales from goods sold in our stores help Vermont individuals & families in need. About two thirds of our funding comes from earned income through our sales and services. As a nonprofit, all earned revenue goes toward our job skills training and poverty relief programs. Your donations, and your purchases, go a long way toward helping those less fortunate in Vermont.

Where can I drop off donations?

All ReSOURCE store locations accept drop off donations! See our Store Location and Hours to find the nearest location to you!

Can I schedule a pick up of donations?

Yes! We offer a Pick Up service. Call the nearest ReSOURCE store to schedule. Please note we usually schedule two weeks out.

Can I donate my laptop/computer?

Yes! ReSOURCE accepts all used computers as donations. If you are a business with many computers or IT equipment, please call us to arrange for a pick up. We also offer a repair service, visit Computer Sales and Services to learn more.

Can I donate my appliances?

Yes! ReSOURCE accepts used appliances and parts. Visit Large Appliances Sales and Services to learn more.

Building Materials FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a specific size door or window, how do I know if you have it?

Due to our inventory of over 200 doors and 150 windows we are not able to list every size in stock. To help make it easier for you we have marked our doors with their size and provide tape measures for you to use.

Can I purchase paint?

Yes! We sell the Local Color paint made from recycled paints at CSWD.

Can I donate my old toilet?

We accept complete, undamaged, working, low flow toilets. We do have limited space, therefore acceptance of these items are subject to current inventory.

Contact Us

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Truck Supervisor & Dispatch, Chittenden County

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Chittenden County:
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Washington and the northern half of Orange County:
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Lamoille County
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