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Spring DIY: Newspaper Seed Pots

Spring means getting the garden up and running again, and finding new ways to let things grow in your home. Why not try out these newspaper seed pots?

Supplies You Need for Seed Starting

You really don’t need that many supplies; in fact, it’s more affordable than people think. With a little creativity and re-purposing, you can save a LOT of money.

  • Seeds – We prefer heirloom seeds because then we can harvest our seeds and re-plant the next year.
  • Newspapers – How many depends on how big your garden will be.
  • Seed starting trays, with or without lids – We picked up plain seed starting trays, no lids, at our local hydroponics store.
  • 1 regular-sized tin can
  • Scissors or box cutters
  • Potting Soil Mix – This will probably be the most expensive item on your list.
  • Water


You can find the directions on how to get started here.

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