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Let’s Hear it for Female Empowerment!

On Tuesday, South End Joinery Shop Coordinator Hannah Bush led a team of 21 little carpenters in creating their own little toolboxes. The young artists listened with rapt attention while Hannah explained what carpentry is, types of tools carpenters use and what their project would be. The girls were delighted to find that they’d each be making their very own individual toolboxes.


In groups of four, the girls sprinted to their work stations and awaited further instructions, but not before Hannah handed out safety glasses and asked the students to promise they’d keep them on the whole time. After receiving instructions, the young woodworkers got to assemble their new projects, under the watchful eye of Hannah and other volunteers. The grins on their faces as they hammered away were the unmistakable mark of a great time. This was an inspiring event, as it empowered young women and taught them about more nontraditional trades. That’s an important factor in many of our programs – teaching individuals that they don’t need to take a traditional route to be successful.


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