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Congrats Grads!

Last week, seven YouthBuild students officially graduated the program after dedicating themselvesĀ  to it for the past twelve months.


Autumn, Westen, Musa, Sean, Dylan, Jibril, Austin, and Moe have worked on countless projects and exemplified growth and leadership throughout their time at YouthBuild. They presented their capstone projects back in February and talked about their highlights of the program and what the year meant for them. Each student spoke to the fact that they were coming out of the program better than when they’d entered it.


The YouthBuild staff proudly congratulated each of them last week at the graduation ceremony at the Ethan Allen Homestead, where they were able to speak on the students’ accomplishments in front of family and friends. We’ve truly enjoyed seeing each of these students grow from the program, and are excited to see where they go next.

The four students in attendance were Autumn, Westen, Musa & Sean (pictured).


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