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Summer DIY: Tin Can Patio Luminaries

Have a bunch of tin cans that you don’t want to waste? Help keep the environment clean while impressing your friends and family at summer parties with these gorgeous tin can luminaries! Learn an easy way to decorate your backyard for any occasion! All you need is a soup can, heavy duty hole-puncher, and a candle to put inside.

Here’s how to decorate them:


Step 1: Paint the tin cans with acrylic paint and seal them with ModPodge Outdoor.
Step 2: Use a high-powered punch tool, such as Crop-A-Diles, to punch a small hole in the top of your can. (Use Crop-A-Diles, or any other tool that can punch through nearly any craft material.)
Step 3: Drop a candle in and you have yourself the perfect tin can luminary!

See the full step-by-step directions here. Happy Crafting!

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