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Construction 101: A Student’s Experience

With the first round of Construction 101 classes wrapped up, we asked Barb, a┬ástudent in the first cohort, to share her experiences on what she’d learned. Barb said, “I feel very blessed and lucky to have been able to take this class. I can’t thank everybody enough for helping me get this far in my career and finally giving me a fair shot at life.”


Q: Can you give a brief overview of what the class covered, and what did you like best about it?
A: The class covered tool use and applications. We learned how to build sawhorses a garden bench and a shed, as well as the tools to land a better-paying job and the skills to get the job done correctly. What I like most about the class was everything- my classmates the instructors were amazing, as well as the ReSOURCE staff that assisted. Building was the best thing for me. I love to do things with my hands, I love to build things, and I like to see the results of things that I’ve done or created. School was never easy for me, but I’ve always been good with my hands. I’ve always had a problem focusing in school or taking classes and I’ve never been focused or excited about it, but I never lost focus for one second and I’ve never excelled this far.


Q: What was your favorite new thing that you learned about construction?
A: New tools I’ve never used before- I thought I knew them all before I took the class, but there are so many out there. I liked the satisfaction of building something with my own hands and the knowledge to do it correctly now.


Q: What did you learn most about yourself during this course?
A: That at 49, a single mother of a five-year-old, I still have what it takes to get the job done!


Q: Do you have any exciting plans for after the class?
A: I was offered jobs from two construction companies! I decided to take a job with Polli Construction out of Williston, working as a carpenter’s assistant.


Q: Would you recommend this class to someone else?
A: I would recommend anyone to take this course! Especially women and young women – there is nothing more satisfying and empowering being able to play right alongside the big boys and even in some ways passing them by!

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