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Profile: Finding a “Good Spot”

Prior to joining ReSOURCE, Gavin was looking to learn new skills and find ways to be useful to the community. After working in the Williston donation bay and store as part of  ReSOURCE’s Career Start program, he is now enrolled in Career Path, learning to repair large appliances.
Gavin has learned the skills needed to troubleshoot appliance problems, replace parts, and clean the machines properly to get them ready for the sales floor. Not only does he find the skills he is learning useful for a future job placement, he feels gratified that the machines he’s helping to repair will be reused by someone who needs them.
“He’s an all around good guy,” says Rich (a ReSOURCE trainer, who also graduated from the large appliance repair program) of his student’s progress. “Gavin is hard-working, compassionate, and he respects everyone and helps whenever he can.” 
With the high traffic in the Williston store, Gavin has appliances to repair every day and he knows they will be bought and will improve someone’s life soon.
“I am in a very good spot now,“ Gavin declares.

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