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Tausha’s Transformation

Tausha, (pictured left) a former ReSOURCE trainee, has come a long way, from experiencing four years of homelessness to working as ReSOURCE’s Community Partnership Coordinator, and raising two beautiful children. When asked about her experience with ReSOURCE’s job training programs, Tausha commented, “It all was so great.” From trainee to staff member, Tausha credits ReSOURCE as her turning point— setting her on a new path in life after nearly a decade of hardship.


Prior to enrolling in training, Tausha was in an abusive relationship and had not held a job for years. In her words, Tausha says, “I needed a roof over my head.” ReSOURCE helped Tausha find her courage and she found that she could be around people again.


She wanted a stable job that could support her family and pursued training in office administration. In the Apprentice-style training program, Tausha worked alongside Danielle, our Every Body Work AmeriCorps Program Director, where she learned to operate computer programs and developed office skills. Danielle also checked-in with her often and offered assistance. “It felt reassuring [to be] there.” Tausha explained.


Tausha recalled her most memorable experience at ReSOURCE as the time she met an angry customer with empathy and understanding and left the situation peacefully resolved. Staff came out to praise her saying, “You did so great!” Within the short amount of time Tausha spent in the program, she gained confidence and new skill sets.


Given Tausha’s new skills and confidence, Pam, our Employment & Transition Coordinator, found a position that matched what she wanted— an office position that not only paid for daily necessities, but also a chance to inspire other trainees: our YouthBuild students. As the Community Partnership Coordinator, Tausha hosts community service workshops every week. “It’s important that students know who they are serving and how their work will contribute to Vermont,” she tells students, “It’s okay to put yourself out there. Don’t give up. No matter where you are today, you can definitely have a better future.”


Eight years ago, Tausha couldn’t imagine where she is now. She wants to instill a growth mindset in our YouthBuild students in order for them to build better futures. “Where else can you get trained and still make money? It just never happens.” Tausha’s final remark speaks to the importance of ReSOURCE’s job training programs and their ability to change lives.

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