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Taking Life One Step at a Time

When Molly Parker was two and a half years old, she lost her hearing for unknown reasons. Although she was equipped with a hearing aid, sign language, and lip-reading skills, Molly regularly dealt with people viewing her deafness as a barrier to conversing and holding jobs.


Molly shared, “My mom wants me to hear the world, but hearing the world is scary…people are not willing to communicate you know? I don’t want them to yell at me—just talk. I can understand what you say.” As a result, Molly was often hesitant to approach people and make small talk.


Molly aspires to be a graphic designer, and knows that in order to be successful, she’ll need to communicate with people effectively. In the summers of 2019, Molly served as a ReSOURCE summer intern hoping to gain job experience and become comfortable working with others.


At ReSOURCE, Molly helped clean and organize items in the Williston reuse store. On occasions, she also completed graphic design projects for Janice DiMeglio, our IT Manager.


Molly recalled, “…When I was at ReSOURCE for the first time, I actually used my major in graphic design to make some sale posters. While it’s not something big…Janice really appreciated my work…and that’s when I realized that’s what hard work is. I have put myself through hours and hours of classes to learn skills in the graphic design and production industry—and to have someone appreciate my work and recognize it…that’s amazing to me!”


Molly’s experience in Career Start has helped her look past her insecurities and she is now eager to be independent. Molly plans to get a driver’s license and is working with her vocational rehabilitation counselor to search for new jobs.


She says, “Everyone is different, and they all play their roles in life…if I work hard to get myself recognized as a hard worker, I’ll have plenty of opportunities.”


Molly knows her disability does not define who she is or what her abilities are. “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” she declares. “Some people think that people who are deaf aren’t able to work…but we can have a job.”

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