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Meet the Students: Cam Sevakian

Meet our amazing YouthBuild trainee Cam Sevakian, age 17. His current hobbies include streaming video games with friends and hanging out with his family. Sevakian discovered YouthBuild through his old highschool.


“At first, I was a little skeptical,” says Sevakian, “but after I came in and talked to Prem I really liked it, so I gave it a shot.” Prem is the Program Manager at YouthBuild. Sevakian credits his ongoing engagement with YouthBuild to Prem’s hard work and dedication to the program.


Sevakian has gained many skills from the YouthBuild program. He says, “I’ve learned a lot more, gained some job skills, like what I can do in the future. I’ve gained relationships with other people. Everything is good. There are no downs about this school.”


Sevakian aspires to remain motivated and conquer whatever he puts his mind to in the future. His favorite memory at YouthBuild is camping at a barn in Peacham with his classmates and he wants to encourage everyone to “chase their dreams.”

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