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Our ReSOURCE computer technicians provide full-service computer repair and upgrades

E-waste represents 2% of America's trash in landfills, but it equals 70% of overall toxic waste.

Computer Services

ReSOURCE is committed to providing a self-sustaining social enterprise so that its programs, people, and promises can grow and serve more people each year. One means of funding its programming is through its repair programs.

ReSOURCE Computer repair service is a registered Microsoft refurbisher. Our technicians provide full-service computer repair and upgrades.

Services and Fees

Bench Fee


Hourly Labor


PC Tune Up

Includes: dust removal, cleaning of temp files, broken, shortcuts, etc., hard drive defragmentation, verification of device drivers, installation of latest Microsoft updates, virus/malware scanning (does not include removal)



Frequently Asked Questions

Where does ReSOURCE get the computers they sell?

We receive computers from many local businesses and schools that cycle through their computers every three years and donate their used desktops, laptops, servers, and networking equipment to us. This saves waste from our landfills and puts usable technology back into our community. Even unusable technology is put to better use, as ReSOURCE is an official e-waste recycling drop-off facility.


Devices donated to the ReSOURCE IT department are refurbished by our department staff, along with Apprentice-Style trainees, who gain valuable job skills and certification over the course of this program. The refurbished devices are then either given to low-income Vermonters through our Essential Goods program or sold in our stores to support our mission-driven programs.

What computer services are offered?

We offer diagnostic and repair services for Windows PCs, as well as PC Tune-Ups, and data transfer services.

What types of computers does ReSOURCE sell?

We have an ever-changing inventory of laptops and desktops. Give us a call to learn what we have.

Can I donate my computer/laptop to ReSOURCE?

Yes! ReSOURCE accepts all used computers as donations. If you are a business with many computers or IT equipment, please call us to arrange for a pick up.

I'm a computer/electronics buff. Can I volunteer at ReSOURCE?

Yes! If you love to work with computers, stereo and other musical equipment, and all manner of electronics, we need volunteers to help us keep a good stock of these items available for sale in our store. We also have internship programs available for high school/college students. Click here for information about our internship/volunteer programs.

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