A Nonprofit Community Enterprise

The South End Joinery

A Community ReSOURCE for Aspiring Woodworkers & Carpenters

About The South End Joinery

ReSOURCE's Training Woodshop

The South End Joinery is a training woodshop located at 339 Pine Street in the South End Arts District in Burlington, Vermont. This program of ReSOURCE offers workshops to the general public, designed to provide people access to the instruction and resources needed to become woodworkers, furniture makers, and carpenters whether they plan to enter the trades professionally, or tackle their own projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the South End Joinery?

The South End Joinery is a training woodshop that was founded at a time when both ReSOURCE and the Vermont Woodworking School identified a clear need for a professional woodshop space in Burlington. Together a skilled instructor base and a safe high-quality instructional wood shop was created. Based out of the ReSOURCE woodshop at 339 Pine Street, the South End Joinery offers a variety of classes and workshops for everyone, from the aspiring woodworker to the DIY homeowner.

What type of training will I receive?

At each workshop you will receive a specialized training in the woodworking craft. Also, by attending a workshop at the South End Joinery, you’ll have access to the professional quality machines, hand tools, and bench space needed to launch projects, products, and business plans. ReSOURCE will also continue to offer its job skills training to its own trainees through the YouthBuild, Career Start, and Career Path, Job Skills Training programs in the shop.

How is the South End Joinery a program of ReSOURCE?

The South End Joinery represents and further amplifies the mission of ReSOURCE and three clear and pressing needs in Burlington: (1) vocational and academic alternatives for young adults to explore the woodworking trade; (2) economic development through entrepreneurial training and business development; and (3) environmental conservation through the creation, marketing, and training of environmentally-friendly products from salvaged and upcycled materials.

More Information

For more about the South End Joinery, contact Hannah:

Hannah Bush
South End Joinery Shop Coordinator