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Did You See Us at Tech Jam?

By Janice DiMeglio 


A very BIG thank you to Paul Webster-Pact and Sean Davis for making our Vintage Computer Display at Tech Jam such a great success.


Paul worked very hard preparing working computers for our display. Everyone who walked by our booth stopped and did a double-take. Kids, young adults and older folks alike would look, then break into smiles. “Hey, I remember that one! I had one of those!” Or from the kids: “Hey that’s neat! What’s that game? Can I play it?” Why, yes you can! They work!


Sean did a great job of talking to people about our role in collecting e-waste and keeping it out of the landfills, and describing all of the different types of items that can be purchased in our stores.


Also a big thank you to Carly Resmer at Seven Days for generously donating our table space and the printing of a beautiful banner, and the table tents that had Paul’s thorough description of each computer.


We reached many people this weekend and were able to explain ReSOURCE’s mission to folks that did not know what valuable services we provide to the community. Hopefully, we also created some interest in the networking and computer equipment we receive as donations, as Tech Jam is about all things tech – maybe we can find good homes for all the tech gear we have in stock.


Also, thanks to the folks at ReSOURCE who stopped by to see us at Tech Jam!

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