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YouthBuild Field Trip: Generator Space

Last week, some of the YouthBuild crew took a trip to the Generator space on Pine Street – a place where you can create almost anything you can think up, no matter how big with a minimal amount of materials. They got an in depth tour and got to interact with some of the artists working in the space at the time. One artist was making playable Native American style flutes and demonstrated his process using a laser cutter – a machine that could carve out tiny detail work. Another artist explained how cool it was to come into the space whenever he wanted and work on any project, no matter how big or small. Currently, he’s working on a pair of wooden dragon wings that expand upon the pull of a lever somewhere on his backpack. The space offers classes centered on how to use equipment and what can be done with it, and is overall a haven for creativity. One of the artists the YouthBuild crew spoke to touched on the endless possibilities of the space, and how thankful he is that he spends some time there every day to focus on what he loves to do.

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