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Profile: Finding a Career Path

Brach Bissonette has been filling product orders with Green Mountain Electric Supply for two years. Known as one of the fastest “picker packers” in the team, his supervisor Shawn Pecor also commented on his well-rounded personality. “Brach is one of the most outgoing guys in the group. He’s a very great guy, and we are lucky to have him here.”


Two years ago, Brach participated in ReSOURCE’s Career Start and Career Path programs at the recommendation of his high school counselor, Robyn Schenk. In the few months Brach worked in Career Start and Career Path, Brach was a rising star. In Career Start, he tapped into his creativity by using wood materials to make beautiful pieces and he learned to handle large items such as doors and cabinets, and stacked delicate items such as plates and cups. His communication disorder did not stop him from committing to the program and building relationships with others.


He recalled, “My experience with ReSOURCE was real hard, my job was real hard. It was really good—the opportunities, and you know, getting to help a lot of customers. There were a lot of friends to support me, good people…” While the experience was not easy for Brach, he found the process to be fulfilling. “I feel hard at work—accomplishing things, I am a guy who wants to start on his future.”


According to Robyn, Brach’s communication style made it difficult for him to participate in regular academic settings. “He really wasn’t learning the things he needed to learn to be around people, to be productive, to be happy, to be proud of himself…So it was a good natural fit that he spent an hour every other day working and learning job skills, the rhythm of a job, and immediately he was so happy because he was doing it right….”


Robyn often recommends students to ReSOURCE training programs because of the growth she sees in students after their enrollment. As she says, “The programs take them out of a place where they feel a lot of shame or not good enough, into a place where they can shine and feel really good about what they are doing. It prepares them for their next step in life.”


Through Career Start and Career Path, Brach acquired the knowledge necessary to be a successful adult—including learning to pay rent, getting a driver license, and working in the store. As a full-time employee at Green Mountain Electric Supply, Brach is working to build his own future.


Robyn affirmed, “He’s great at what he’s doing now…. This is a gentleman who’s come so far in enjoying the world. He’s an integral part of the team where he works, and he loves to be part of that team and part of that success.”

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