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Experience is Essential

“The thing I am most proud of is my personal growth. This experience has been life changing and will carry me far into a brighter future.”


Bridgit (shown above left with AmeriCorps Program Director Danielle Dubois) came to ReSOURCE in the fall of 2017 as a Reach Up participant hoping to gain office skills and work experience through our Office Administration program. As a single mom, she was facing daunting challenges, including a learning disability, no childcare support, and homelessness. It’s a lot for anyone to contend with, but Bridgit was determined to improve her life. After 10 months of training at ReSOURCE, she learned essential office skills, including typing, filing, Windows Office programs, phone, and office etiquette. To augment her training, Bridgit also joined a ReSOURCE AmeriCorps program part-time and through service-based learning with community service agencies, she saw other Vermonters struggling as well. She knew she wanted to not only better her life, but serve to lift up her community.


Equipped with her newly-honed skills and community experience, Bridgit chose to apply for a full time AmeriCorps position in the Every Body Works program, helping Vermont’s less fortunate by serving in ReSOURCE’s Essential Goods Program.


“I chose the Essential Goods Program assistant position based on a deep understanding of how important poverty relief in the community is,” says Bridgit. “I have gotten to meet and help people obtain vouchers for necessary items they could not have afforded on their own. I recently assisted a veteran in need of a washer. That interaction made a big difference to the quality of his life and I am proud to be part of that.”


With the support of Bridgit’s AmeriCorps service, 2019 is bringing great changes to the Essential Goods Program with Bridgit as an important part of that process, to not only make sure goals are met by providing input and aiding in valuable program assistance, but also that ReSOURCE is able to serve more Vermonters in need.


“As I reflect on my time here as whole, there were times I could have given up,” she says. “I could not overcome these challenges alone and with ReSOURCE’s support and flexibility, I have been and continue to be successful.

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